Real Estate tips November 29, 2022

Should I list my home this winter?


Winter Buyers Are Serious and Motivated

Cold weather filters out those buyers that aren’t serious. I mean, not many people think its fun to brave the cold weather to go house hunting.

Prospective home buyers in the winter months are serious, motivated, and ready to buy. Often, it’s because they have to. Maybe their current living situation abruptly changed or they had to move because of job changes – whatever the case may be, they mean business, and their hunt for a new home is frequently urgent.

You’ll Get Closer to Your Asking Price

If your home is dressed right and priced right, selling in the winter can get you a higher price. The fact is that there is less inventory, and fewer choices for buyers during the winter months. If your home is priced competitively and shows well, winter buyers will be less likely to try and negotiate the price down. Since they have fewer options, they are less likely to risk losing out on a good home at a fair price. During the more active and competitive summer months, buyers are more likely to have a couple of properties they are interested in, so they feel more compelled to negotiate the price and conditions.

Fewer Homes on the Market = Less Competition

There are fewer properties on the market in the winter. Most home sellers prime their homes and get ready to sell in the spring market, at this time of year, the market is saturated. Being one of the few homes on the market might just work in your favor!

January is a Big Month for Job Relocations

The start of the new year is often the start of new jobs. Large corporations tend to make their personnel changes and relocations at the beginning of the year. January relocations bring motivated homebuyers, these people are looking to get situated quickly.

The goal is usually to move once, not again in the spring. These people are looking to get their kids in school and their lives back on track, this makes them great buyers. Additionally, many of these buyers receive relocation benefits or assistance from their employers. This can make the negotiations a little easier.


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